[OpenSIPS-Users] drouting (opensips 1.11.x) - maximum number of gateways?

Max Mühlbronner max.muehlbronner at 42com.com
Mon Jul 3 06:42:17 EDT 2017

Thanks, i will try raising max_branches to allow the use of more gateways.

Yeah i know it seems to be unusual to "try" so many gateways, but the setup works with a lot of smaller instances which are immediately rejecting calls when full to allow a failover to the next instances. Load balancing would be a better solution, but is not feasible in my scenario.

Also it seems that tm module additionally has a limit of 30 branches. Anyway it should be enough even for me. :)


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Hi Max,

Yes, a transaction cannot have more than 12 branches used. But this does not limit how many GWs you can put in Dynamic Routing - you can put as many as you want on DR, but of course only 12 will be tried. But this depends a lot on the GW selection algorithm (with wights, with carriers, etc). To actually end up trying 12 gw for a call is a very rare case, I would say :)


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On 07/03/2017 12:19 PM, Max Mühlbronner wrote:

I think i got it, default limit is 12 branches in config.h. Which corresponds to my limit of 12 gateways, I will try and report back. :)

#define MAX_BRANCHES    12                      /*!< maximum number of branches per transaction */

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Betreff: [OpenSIPS-Users] drouting (opensips 1.11.x) - maximum number of gateways?


I've never noticed this until i came across it recently. I got a weird issue with drouting, it turned out that even though the gatewaylist ("carrier") contains a total of 20 gateways, only 12 are being used. (all gateways got the same weight)

E.g. if all gws are rejecting the calls, it will cycle through the gatewaylist but it never tries all of the gateways, only 12.

Is there an internal limitation for the number of gateways? I know there is a limitation due to the database scheme, and there is also DR_MAX_GWLIST in the drouting.c module.

Any idea why i am only able to "failover" 12 gateways in a carrier/gatewaylist?


Max Muehlbronner

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