[OpenSIPS-Users] drouting (opensips 1.11.x) - maximum number of gateways?

Max Mühlbronner max.muehlbronner at 42com.com
Mon Jul 3 04:38:25 EDT 2017


I've never noticed this until i came across it recently. I got a weird issue with drouting, it turned out that even though the gatewaylist ("carrier") contains a total of 20 gateways, only 12 are being used. (all gateways got the same weight)

E.g. if all gws are rejecting the calls, it will cycle through the gatewaylist but it never tries all of the gateways, only 12.

Is there an internal limitation for the number of gateways? I know there is a limitation due to the database scheme, and there is also DR_MAX_GWLIST in the drouting.c module.

Any idea why i am only able to "failover" 12 gateways in a carrier/gatewaylist?


Max Muehlbronner

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