[OpenSIPS-Users] different data from MI and fifo

Richard Robson rrobson at greenlightcrm.com
Wed Jan 18 08:28:18 EST 2017


I'm using ruby to pull profile counts from opensips datagrams to push 
into influxdb (adapted from Rik Broers presentation at the sumit)

If I run the fifo command at the command line I get different data than 
running the ruby script via the datagram interface

influxdb = InfluxDB::Client.new udp: {host: '', port: 8125}

cprofiles = opensips.profile_get_values ('customer')


value:: 0069 count=2
value:: 0079 count=41
value:: 0018 count=25
value:: 0016 count=8
value:: 0026 count=13
value:: 0066 count=8
value:: 0076 count=1
value:: 0017 count=4
value:: <null> count=13
value:: 0064 count=6
value:: 0065 count=9
value:: 0012 count=63
value:: 0072 count=1
value:: 0063 count=2
value:: 0060 count=15
value:: 0021 count=3
value:: 0061 count=38
value:: 0080 count=1
value:: 2099 count=10
value:: 4199 count=1


"value:: 0069 count=2",
"value:: 0079 count=36",
"value:: 0018 count=32",
"value:: 0016 count=9",
"value:: 0026 count=15",
"value:: 0066 count=8",
"value:: 0076 count=1",
"value:: 0017 count=4",
"value:: <null> count=14",
"value:: 0064 count=6",
"value:: 0065 count=9",
"value:: 0012 count=69",
"value:: 0063 count=2",
"value:: 0060 count=20",
"value:: 0021 count=3",
"value:: 0061 count=37",
"value:: 0080 count=1",
"value:: 2099 count=11"

apparet from the counts being different, which you would expect on live 
data the MI is missing the 4199 ( a call was in progress for this 
profile) and the 0072 value.

Now this is either a bug in the MI or in the Ruby gem. I just don't know 
Would there be a simple script I can run to test the MI interface 
against the fifo interface?
If this is OK then I'll bug report the ruby gem.


Richard Robson
Greenlight Support
01382 843843
support at greenlightcrm.com

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