[OpenSIPS-Users] Binary replication errors

Schneur Rosenberg rosenberg11219 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 15 08:14:16 EST 2017

I removed the modparam("dialog", "replicate_profiles_to", 1) and the
modparam("dialog", "accept_replicated_profiles", 1) (which was in my
script but forgot to paste it in previous post) and now it works.

Seems like its a old problem, when I had the profile replication I was
getting "WARNING:dialog:receive_prof_binary_packet: bad packet type"
Liviu was aware of it
(https://github.com/OpenSIPS/opensips/issues/938) , but I still have
issues in latest build.

I wonder why the old replication methods were removed and replaced
with a module thats still in Alpha (clusterer) ?????

The documentation of clusterer and replication is also outdated, for
example opensips does not recognize the parameter persistent_mode
which is supposed to work according to the docs. also the binary
replication docs for 2.2 still tells you to use bin_listen which has
been replaced with listen=bin, it also tells you to use bin_children
which was phased out as, see the following link.

S. Rosenberg

On Sat, Jan 14, 2017 at 10:59 PM, Schneur Rosenberg
<rosenberg11219 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, I tried to implement binary replication with OpenSIPS ver 2.2.2 and it floods my logs with the following errors on both servers
> Jan 14 21:12:20 sips /sbin/opensips[4484]: WARNING:dialog:receive_dlg_binary_packet: Invalid dialog binary packet command: 4 (from XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:45107)
> Jan 14 21:12:20 sip /sbin/opensips[4484]: ERROR:dialog:receive_dlg_binary_packet: Failed to process a binary packet!
> when I do a ngrep its flooding with messsage
> T XXX.XXX.XXX.01:46514 -> XXX.XXX.XXX.02:5799 [AP]
> P4CK............dialog........
> T XXX.XXX.XXX.02:45107 -> XXX.XXX.XXX.01:5799 [AP]
> P4CK............dialog........
> Here are the relevant lines in my config file
> listen=bin:xxx.xxx.xxx.01:5799         and on server 2      listen=bin:xxx.xxx.xxx.02:5799
> loadmodule "proto_bin.so"
> loadmodule "clusterer.so"
> modparam("clusterer", "server_id", 1)     and the second server is modparam("clusterer", "server_id", 2)
> modparam("dialog", "accept_replicated_dialogs", 1)
> modparam("dialog", "replicate_dialogs_to", 1)
> modparam("dialog", "replicate_profiles_to", 1)
> modparam("usrloc", "accept_replicated_contacts", 1)
> modparam("usrloc", "replicate_contacts_to", 1)
> modparam("usrloc", "skip_replicated_db_ops", 1)
> I entered both servers in the clusterer table and of course I have the "db_url" set

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