[OpenSIPS-Users] 2.2.2 packaging

Nathan Ward opensips-list at daork.net
Mon Jan 9 05:14:46 EST 2017

> On 9/01/2017, at 9:35 PM, Nick Altmann <nick.altmann at gmail.com> wrote:
> For example sshd. Do you also run it instead of ssh?

No, as that is longer, so it doesn’t really make sense that someone would run that. In this case, the user typed “opensi<tab> monitor”.

Running “ssh” instead of “ssh-add” is a better argument, though, running “ssh” instead of “ssh-add” has very limited impact as it doesn’t run a daemon that accepts unexpected arguments and disappears in to the background.

Perhaps the convention of “d” on the end of an application primarily intended as a daemon (i.e. ‘opensipsd’) would be an alternative solution (and rejecting unexpected arguments, too).

Happy to submit PRs for these, if that’s a better middle ground :)

Nathan Ward
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