[OpenSIPS-Users] Install opensips to systemd

Robert Dyck rob.dyck at telus.net
Sun Jan 8 15:49:46 EST 2017

I had a working opensips 1.11 installed by Fedora package manager. I have been 
trying opensips 2.2.2 and decided to make the jump. Since 2.2.2 is not 
available as a package from Fedora I cloned the source.

I have tried installing using menuconfig and also make but neither installs the 
necessary files for systemd. I see that the files exist in the source directory 
"packaging". Is there a way to trigger the installation of the necessary files 
for systemd or does it need to be done manually.

I have thought of re-installing 1.11 from the package manager and then 
overwriting the opensips binary. The problem I see is that a package upgrade 
would overwrite 2.2.2 because the package manager sees opensips as an 
installed package.

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