[OpenSIPS-Users] OpenSIPS at FOSDEM 2017

Liviu Chircu liviu at opensips.org
Thu Jan 5 11:36:07 EST 2017

Every year,FOSDEM <https://fosdem.org/2017/>is a good opportunity to 
connect with our community and acquaint them with the exciting work 
going into the newestOpenSIPS <http://opensips.org/>versions. And there 
will be no exception this year!
What is this year on the plate?

*/"OpenSIPS - an event-driven SIP routing engine", by Liviu Chircu, 
FOSDEM, 4th of Feb 2017

/*When moving from a linear processing architecture to anevent-oriented 
one <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Event-driven_programming>,OpenSIPS 
<http://opensips.org/>becomes able to handle more advanced SIP 
scenarios, as well as to perform complex integrations with external 

The newOpenSIPS <http://opensips.org/>version follows a Subscribe/Notify 
model, which allows the SIP routing to be driven by events. These events 
are triggered from both inside and outsideOpenSIPS 
<http://opensips.org/>, and are internally dispatched byOpenSIPS 
<http://opensips.org/>to the right process/subscriber.

The presentation will show how the asynchronous architecture revamp of 
the upcomingOpenSIPS 2.3 <http://opensips.org/>facilitates a series of 
state-of-the-art integrations (SIP transaction pausing while push 
notifications are taking effect, custom suspend-resume logic while 
waiting for an external event, etc.).

The discussion will also includeOpenSIPS 
<http://opensips.org/>scripting, and how we tweaked it to incorporate 
all these changes in a simple, straightforward, and efficient manner.
Does it sound interesting? Join us at FOSDEM and find out more - we will 
be there with our friends fromSIPcapture 
<http://sipcapture.org/> andCGRates <http://cgrates.org/> to show how 
easy the OpenSIPS integration becomes when relying on an event-driven 

See you soon,

Liviu Chircu
OpenSIPS Developer

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