[OpenSIPS-Users] uac_replace_from i'm doing something wrong..

Michele Pinassi michele.pinassi at unisi.it
Thu Feb 23 04:51:32 EST 2017

Hi all,

i need to remap "from" number prior to send call to a ToIP trunk

In my route[toip] i wrote:

route[toip] {
    xlog("L_INFO","$ci - Route via TOIP from $fU to $tU (RURI: $ru)\n");

    if (is_method("INVITE")) {
    setflag(ACC_DO); # do accounting

    if($fU=~"6[0-9]{3}$")  {
    # Change all 6xxx to 05771530xxx 

    if(route_to_carrier("toip")) {

but i got an error. Maybe i'm doing somewthing wrong with number

Suggestions how i can do the same thing in a more elegant manner are
welcome !

Thanks for any help, Michele

Michele Pinassi
Responsabile Telefonia di Ateneo
Servizio Reti, Sistemi e Sicurezza Informatica - Università degli Studi di Siena
tel: 0577.(23)5000 - centralino at unisi.it

Per trovare una soluzione rapida ai tuoi problemi tecnici consulta le FAQ di Ateneo, http://www.faq.unisi.it 

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