[OpenSIPS-Users] MI fifo commands for multiple opensips instances

Mundkowsky, Robert rmundkowsky at ets.org
Tue Feb 21 15:30:39 EST 2017

If there is no reason to share the fifo file, then you config OpenSIPS to use a different fifo file per instance.  I actually wonder if a fifo file can be shared with multiple instances or if you have to use a database if you want a cluster of them, but guess I can read the book if I need that.


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Hi Folks!

I am little curious to know that If we have multiple instances of opensips (single installation) running on a machine with two different configurations (opensips.cfg files). How we can run MI fifo commands on both opensips instances to get statistic ( like active dialogs, rcv_requests, rcv_responses etc) on each of the running instances separately.

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