[OpenSIPS-Users] Opensips b2b scenario timeout

Adrian Fretwell adrian.fretwell at topgreen.co.uk
Sat Feb 11 10:43:55 EST 2017


May I ask for some guidance please.

I have Opensips 2.2.1 running the B2BUA with just the default REFER 
scenario loaded.  The problem I have is that B2B will only wait for 1 
minute for the call to answered before sending a CANCEL.  I can't find 
any setting that will change this.  The scenario/tnn only seems to apply 
to topology hiding, I have set fr_inv_timeout to 250 but this makes no 

Nothing I do will extent the call set up time through B2B to be greater 
than 60 seconds.  How can I make this set up time longer?

Kind regards,

Adrian Fretwell
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