[OpenSIPS-Users] IPv6 causing problems with HEP in siptrace

Jeff Pyle jeff at ugnd.org
Fri Feb 3 20:58:13 EST 2017


I have a simple dual-stack OpenSIPS 2.2.2 configuration.  It includes a
registrar and basic routing between locally registered users.  These users
have a mix of IPv4 and IPv6 contacts.  All is well.  I recently added Homer
to the mix.  The siptrace module is acting as a capture agent, duplicating
messages over HEPv3 to an upstream Homer capture server.

When one of the clients is IPv6, duplication fails.  I see this message:

ERROR:siptrace:trace_send_hep_duplicate: ERROR: trace_send_hep_duplicate:
interworking detected ?
ERROR:siptrace:save_siptrace: Failed to duplicate with hep to <:>

I'd like to duplicate messages regardless whether they've IPv4 or IPv6, as
many dialogs are both.  The Homer capture server is IPv6-enabled and can
receive HEP messages either (I think).  I've tried to configure the
siptrace trace_id with an IPv6 address but it doesn't look like it's able
to parse it.

What am I missing?

- Jeff
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