[OpenSIPS-Users] How to convert BYE to CANCEL( status code 480)

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I agree with Ben Newlin. 

Pradee – are you trying to simulate a ‘broken call’? Eg one that stops working, as opposed to a BYE indicating that it has ended ‘cleanly’?

Ben Cropley
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What you are asking to do breaks the protocol rules of SIP. Neither Opensips nor any other SIP proxy will do it.

I am not sure which you actually wanted as the result as CANCEL and 480 are not the same thing, but you cannot convert a BYE into either one.

A CANCEL has to refer to an in-progress INVITE transaction, which does not exist in your case as you said the call has been answered already.

A 480 is a response, not a request. You cannot convert a request into a response, nor can you send a response to the mobile device without it having sent a new request first.

Ben Newlin 

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I'm using opensip as a load balancer in front of Freeswitch nodes. 

Opensips Version 1.11 is used for a reason and can't change the version. 

When an INVITE comes from mobile to Freeswitch through Opensips, call will be answered. Then at the end of call, Freeswitch sends BYE to Opensips. 

I want Opensip to convert BYE to Cancel - 480 Temporary not available and forward. 

Please let me know how to do it with Opensips. 


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