[OpenSIPS-Users] register phone in same local network as opensips

Alexander Jankowsky E75A4669 at exemail.com.au
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I have opensips 2.3 beta, along with a local phone both running inside and
behind the same router.

I have one port forwarded for opensips to listen on and a port range
forwarded for the local phone.

There is a remote phone in another domain behind another router, also with a
port range forwarded.

I am using stun for both phones and this resolves the correct IP domains for
each phone.

With stun implemented and saying it is full cone on both phones. The phones
can now ring each other.


The local phone can call the remote phone and there is two way audio.

When the remote phone calls the local phone, there is neither way audio.

Invites from the remote phone always appear with the correct expected
provisioned sip and rtp ports.


I would expect that the local router is changing the local phones sip
contact port when it registers.

When I look at a sipgrep capture of an outgoing invite both the sip and the
rtp ports are changed.

I am not all that sure where in the process or even why the rtp port for the
invite has been changed.

Inbound calls then of course end up sending and returning rtp through non
forwarded port ranges.


What I would like to understand is how to make an inclusion, when any local
phones register,

that will allow the outgoing contact details to show the phones actual
provisioned sip ports.

With that correct, in the outgoing invite, the rtp streams would then
normally be within the

expected range of ports opened and forwarded to the phones and that would
solve the audio.


I am looking for working examples, but I have not turned up enough specific
information about just this.

Knowing better where and how to start and the names of what I am looking for
would be most helpful.







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