[OpenSIPS-Users] Questions on Call Center

Pat Burke pat at voxtelesys.com
Mon Apr 10 13:07:22 EDT 2017


I am looking at utilizing the call center module and have a few question.

1) Put agent on hold - play prompt.  From what I can tell, it looks like when a call come in from a customer and a matching agent is found, the agent is called and the two calls are bridged.  Is there a way to have the agent "On-Hold" (optionally playing a prerecorded message) until a call is received from a customer?  Then after the call is complete, the agent is put back on hold.

2) RTPProxy URL.  Is there a way to specify a url for rtpproxy that will specify a certain file? I know you can use rtpproxy_stream2uas to specify a file to play, but can I configure rtpproxy through just a url to play file.  Or will rtpproxy not work for providing the media to the call center module?

3) Coach mode.  Is there a way to bring a "coach"?  The "coach" could have three modes: 1) Listen only (both customer and agent), 2) Listen (both customer and agent) and speak to agent, 3) Listen and speak to customer and agent (3 way call).

Pat Burke

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