[OpenSIPS-Users] Best method to add port to RECORD ROUTE, or should we?

Jeff Wilkie jwilkie at usipcom.com
Mon Sep 12 16:28:18 CEST 2016

Looking for the best method to add the port number to record route.
Upstream carrier is adding it in a response message when we do not have it
there once we send the INVITE.  The BYE from the carrier causes the problem
with the added port.  Since they modify the RR we hand them, OPENSIPS is
throwing an error on matching dialogs.  Granted, OPENSIPS seems smart
enough to still patch the dialog but I don't like excessive errors and
warnings showing up in my logs.

Bogdan, I've also read history of threads where you say it's not best to
fix it on our end when their SBC is not RFC compliant....lol  So I'm ready
for that answer, also.

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