[OpenSIPS-Users] Opensips 2.2.1 dr_rules is empty

Денис Путято denis7979 at mail.ru
Fri Sep 2 09:38:31 CEST 2016

And one more.

In log you can see messages about mysql reconnect.
Something like
INFO:db_mysql:connect_with_retry: re-connected successful for 0x7fd15649b910
INFO:db_mysql:db_mysql_do_prepared_query: reconnected to mysql server -> re-init the statement 

Why does it happen? Is this normal that Opensips periodically tries to re-connect to mysql? May problem is there? 

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Hello, Bogdan

I am sorry that i did not describe the problem more clearly.
404 opensips sends because in opensips.cfg i wrote a logic that if in dr_rules opensips finds no rules for routing it must send 404.
And the problem i think is there. Opensips began rejects all calls with 404, i.e. it could not find any rules in dr_rules table.
Everthing began fine after fifo dr_reload command execution, i.e. after dr_rules updating.   

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OpenSIPS by itself does not send any 404. If it does, it does it because you put that into the script. So, you have to look into your script and see the logical path that makes OpenSIPS to get to sending a 404 reply.

You may use the script_trace :

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu
OpenSIPS Founder and Developer
On 30.08.2016 22:26, Denis wrote:

Re: Opensips 2.2.1 dr_rules is empty Hello!

Some time ago i wrote about a problem when Opensips began reject all calls with 404 code.
Unfortunately i did not received any answer.
Since that time i have made upgrade from 2.1.2 to 2.2.1 and today i have got the same problem. Opensips began rejects all calls with 404 code. 

Based on the information from log, i make suggest that problem began when dr_reload command has been received. 
And the problem has been solved, again, when the dr_reload command has been received (the period about two commands is about a couple of minutes).

I please help to solve the problem. 

Thank you.

mailto:denis7979 at mail.ru


Recently i begun to get such problem.
Opensips rejects all calls with 404 code. I can solve the problem by making dr_reload.
I tried to analyze a log and what i could found you can see in attachment.
As i could understand last problem began after dr_reload.

Thank you for any help.

mailto:denis7979 at mail.ru

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