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Hello, Liviu!

Thank you for your answer.

About 2)

"Calls per minute" - ok, but what about other parameters?
For example, "total calls"?
Suppose we have 09:00 - 17:00, Mon-Fri, and "total calls" = 30.
If in Mon user makes 25 calls, on Tue since 09:00 counts of  "total calls" begin from 0 or 25?

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Hi, Deniz!
Answers below.
Liviu Chircu
OpenSIPS Developer
On 10.11.2016 15:18, Denis wrote:

Re: Fraud_detection modul 


Opensips 2.2.1

A couple of questions about fraud_detection:

1) In documentation says "consecutive calls to the same destination ". Same destination = same number, or prefix?
Same prefix, taken from the fraud detection rule 

2) At the beginning of the next period, a counts of events begin 0?
The module uses a gliding window of 60 seconds, in order to keep track of "calls per minute". When changing time intervals, hence putting new thresholds in place, the "calls per minute" will not reset. In other words, when switching intervals, the new "calls per minute" thresholds will initially work with calls placed during the last minute when the old thresholds were in place. 

3) is there any method to reset counts of events for certain user?
Currently there is no way of doing this.

4)  what is the value used to calculate duration in fraud_module, minutes or seconds?
It should be "seconds", I will fix the misleading example in the tutorial. 

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