[OpenSIPS-Users] Memory free problem

Denis denis7979 at mail.ru
Thu Nov 17 08:11:50 CET 2016


Today i have a temporary problem with out of free memory (about 4 minutes).
Unfortunately, i noticed the problem when everything became fine, so i didn`t make standard procedure of detecting problems with memory which has been described in documentation.

In syslog i see such sequence of events.

Before the first message about out of free memory

"ERROR:core:fm_malloc: not enough free shm memory (180803792 bytes left), please increase the "-m" command line parameter!"

i see many messages 

"WARNING:dialog:log_next_state_dlg: bogus event 5 in state 4 for dlg 0x7f1c531c95f0 [3855:951170645] with clid '4gk2hpk433lgdt1d6ys7ifkwd at' and tags '96x8v2xkj9of92j' '332693C-EF5'" 
"WARNING:dialog:log_next_state_dlg: bogus event 5 in state 4 for dlg 0x7f1c4735d130 [4072:1150064691] with clid 'eht08t1eovzlqahle6xhfeiln at' and tags '1czw3nbhw632pzn' '3326728-1DC1'"

dialing with two callid.  

The question is, can such Warning influence on shm. allocation?

Thank you for any help.

mailto:denis7979 at mail.ru
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