[OpenSIPS-Users] Opensips 2.2.2 and top hiding

Denis denis7979 at mail.ru
Tue Nov 15 14:44:07 CET 2016

Hello Ben.

I am using loadbalacer module and using only for initial INVITE.

mailto:denis7979 at mail.ru

You said you are doing load balancing as well. Are you doing load balancing on the ACK? What module are you using (dispatcher, loadbalancer, etc.)?
Load balancing functions can change the R-URI.
Ben Newlin
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Hello, Razvan!

No, i don`t make any modification for that variables

"  if (match_dialog() || topology_hiding_match()) {

  if (!$DLG_status == NULL) {
  xlog("L_INFO", "Route0:$rm was received (IPS=$si, IPD=$rd, CALLID=$ci, FROMTAG=$ft, TOTAG=$tt, AUTH=$au) and RURI = $ru/$rd");


The information from a syslog.

"Route0:ACK was received (IPS=, IPD=, CALLID=82158NWE4MmU0NmJiZDU2MzA4OWM1MGFiZjU1Zjg2YTA4NWM, FROMTAG=b83b533d, TOTAG=6A3BE0-1AA9, AUTH=<null>) and RURI = sip:3364021 at"

mailto:denis7979 at mail.ru

Hi, Denis!

Are you modifying the $ru/$rd variables anyhwere in your script for that ACK? I am seeing the R-URI of the ACK going to
ACK sip:3364021 at SIP/2.0.
However, it should be:
ACK sip:3364021 at SIP/2.0.

Can you try printing the $ru variable just after the topology_hiding_match() function?

Best regards,
Răzvan Crainea
OpenSIPS Solutions
On 11/15/2016 02:22 PM, Denis wrote:

Opensips 2.2.2 and top hiding Hello!

I try to make top hiding using topology_hiding module.
In attachment you can find a log of unsuccessful call.

Scheme of the call

SIP UA ( -> Opensips with top hiding ( -> another Opensis proxy ( - > PSTN GW ( -> PSTN.

As i understand,  the problem is that Opensips proxy cannot send ACK (on 200 OK) to PSTN GW because RURI and Route header has similar IP, namely

I am using "topology_hiding("C");" function for top hiding.

The call log was gathered from

Thank you for any help.

P.S. On i also try to make load balancing.

mailto:denis7979 at mail.ru 

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