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Thu Nov 10 14:18:07 CET 2016

In additional.

My script logging says, that if critical event has been triggered email should be sent to some email.
I received email where Opensips told me that "call_duration" critical event has been triggered with 1314 value for some user. The Profile has a value of 60.

In documentation http://www.opensips.org/Documentation/Tutorials-FraudDetection-2-1 
i read, that call duration calculated in minutes.

I checked accounting table to find that calls of duration 1314 minutes, and see only one calls with duration 1314. But documentation, dealing with acc modules, tells, that duration calculated in seconds.

So, what is the value used to calculate duration in fraud_module, minutes or seconds?

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Opensips 2.2.1

A couple of questions about fraud_detection:

1) In documentation says "consecutive calls to the same destination ". Same destination = same number, or prefix?
2) At the beginning of the next period, a counts of events begin 0?
3) is there any method to reset counts of events for certain user?

Thank you.

mailto:denis7979 at mail.ru
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