[OpenSIPS-Users] t_relay and forward accepts only literals

Daniel Moreira Yokoyama moreira.yokoyama at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 21:23:56 CET 2016

Hi everyone.

I'm still trying to undestand why I can't use t_relay(dest) or
forward(dest) passing a variable instead of a literal.

In my scenario, all I have to do is to receive a UDP message from a client
and relay it on SCTP to the remote endpoint.

The way I'm trying to achieve this is by:


But Opensips doesn't even start up, complaining that the domain and the
port are invalid.

I only works in my tests when I put the literal value  (e.g: "sctp:").

I don't get it. Why would it restrict something like this?

Anyone can give me any guidance?

Thanks a lot.


Daniel Moreira Yokoyama.

Um podcast sobre cinema feito a partir de conversas de trânsito.
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