[OpenSIPS-Users] OpenSIPS error Malformed Header/failed to generate a HBH ACK

Nagorny, Dimitry dimitry.nagorny at robot5.de
Tue Mar 15 14:08:27 CET 2016


thanks for the quick reply, but I am not using the uac_replace_from() function. I checked routing and debug file for it.

Very Respectfully
Dimitry Nagorny

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/*generate a HBH ACK
/*Just an idea, but are you by any chance using the function
/*I ask because I have seen it corrupt the From header when it is called twice
/*on the same branch.
/*John Quick
/*Smartvox Limited
/*Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2016 12:48:05 +0000
/*From: "Nagorny, Dimitry" <dimitry.nagorny at robot5.de>
/*Subject: [OpenSIPS-Users] OpenSIPS error Malformed Header/failed to
/*	generate	a HBH ACK
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/*Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,
/*I'm trying to use OpenSIPS as a Border Controller between a PSTN and a
/*FreeSWITCH. The PSTN is sending all SIP-messages through a SIP-trunk.
/*I got OpenSIPS working fine from PSTN through OpenSIPS to FreeSWITCH,
/*but the other way around (from FS over OpenSIPS to PSTN),  I'm getting an
/*error message I can't solve. (Info: There are NO phones registered with
/*OpenSIPS or FreeSWITCH, they are all on the PSTN, I need OpenSIPS only to
/*guide traffic to either my FreeSWITCH mediaserver or tot he Aus @ PBX.)
/*As far as I can tell, when OpenSIPS opens up a new branch it is changing
/*internally the headers from the incoming SIP-message from FreeSWITCH into
/*a wrong format and after that it's throwing two errors:
/*-          ERROR:tm:send_ack: failed to generate a HBH ACK if key HFs in
/*reply missing
/*ERROR:tm:reply_received: failed to send ACK (local=no)
/*o   Here I looked at the relevant code but I can't tell what it is trying to
/*do in the transaction module
/*o   As well I couldn't find info about the abbreviation "HBH" or "HF"
/*Additionally this piece of info:
/*-          ... SIP/2.0 400 Bad Request..Warning: 399 "Malformed
/*headers : From " ...
/*o   From this somehow I found out that it's missing the ":" after From
/*Please see the attached files for more info.
/*I would very much appreciate it if somebody could give me, at least, a hint
/*how I could fix the problem, because by now I googled these problems for
/*three days now w/o a solution. I can't attach the full debug, the mail list
/*blocks the size of it (17KB...). I'll attach it to an answer.
/*Thanks in advance for any help I can get!
/*Very Respectfully
/*Dimitry Nagorny
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