[OpenSIPS-Users] Issue with ACK and rtpproxy, setID

Newlin, Ben Ben.Newlin at inin.com
Thu Jun 30 15:17:26 CEST 2016

AVPs are tied to a transaction, so the transaction must be matched before they will be available. You should use t_check_trans() to do this.

However, I think this will not work for you because ACKs are their own transactions and I don’t believe they will have access to the AVPs from the INVITE transaction. If you need to store state information across multiple transactions, you will need to use the dialog module and the $dlg_val variables. These persist across the entire SIP call.

Ben Newlin

On 6/30/16, 8:06 AM, "users-bounces at lists.opensips.org on behalf of Miha" <users-bounces at lists.opensips.org on behalf of miha at softnet.si> wrote:


I have two RTPproxies and doing spiral so that I can put them in chain.

Before t_relay() I am setting avps (setID) so that I can do 
rtpproxy_answer latter if there is SDP in ACK. The issue is that avp is 
all the time null for ACK (for Initial invite avp was set).

In TM module i set onreply_avp_mode to 1. Is there anything else I must 
do or do you suggest some other approche?



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