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Ozz Nixon ozzn at 3flabs.com
Fri Jun 24 00:32:13 CEST 2016



                I have read this mail list for months, everything is way above me – but, I am ready to jump in. I have a twilio account, I have static COMCAST business class (Deluxe), not in bridged mode.


                What are the steps/products I should install on a Linux server to do my own VoIP?


Design goal, 1 SIP phone in the same 10.1.0.x network, 1 SIP phone in Georgia, and 1 SIP phone in Philadelphia. Goal is to get an understanding, and migrate my 8 or 9 DIDs to inhouse, have a nice DELL (16GB RAM, 3TB of disk space), dual FAST-E NICs.


*         I gave I a whirl a couple weeks ago, with one of those “all-in-one” projects, like “Sip on a stick”. Migrated 2 DIDs without issue adding 3rd, and 4th brought the whole environment down where none of the DIDs worked.


I am interested in just doing it module by module, product by product until I have this understood (like when do I need STUN or will I ever, etc).


Thanks guys!


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