[OpenSIPS-Users] What is the best SQLite version to be used with OpenSIPS 2.2? We investigate a memory leak.

Rodrigo Pimenta Carvalho pimenta at inatel.br
Fri Jun 17 16:02:36 CEST 2016


People from my team is investigating a memory leak related to OpenSIPS 2.2.

As I had commented in another discussion in the past, it seems that the problem comes from SQLite we are using as the Registrar for our OpenSIPS 2.2.

For example, a script opensips.cfg that doesn't use SQLite didn't cause memory leak. But, a script that uses it and use another module that needs a database (EX: auth.so) causes memory leak.

We are still in the beginning of the investigation.

So, what is the best version of SQLite to be used with OpenSIPS 2.2? That is, what version of SQLite was very well tested with OpenSIPS 2.2 and worked  without memory leaks or others issues?

Any suggestion will be very helpful!

Best regards.

Inatel Competence Center
Ph: +55 35 3471 9200 RAMAL 979
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