[OpenSIPS-Users] Response handling for Re-INVITE and BYE

Ramachandran, Agalya (Contractor) Agalya_Ramachandran at comcast.com
Mon Jul 25 19:25:57 CEST 2016

Hi team,

I have a query regarding response handling for Re-Invite and Bye request.
In route relay, I have the following snippet in my config file.
route[relay] {
        # for INVITEs enable some additional helper routes
        if (is_method("INVITE")) {
                xlog("INFO:opensips:route[relay]:Initializing Handlers");
onreply_route[handle_nat] {
xlog("INFO: incoming reply : reason is $rr; status  is $rs [from=$fu;to=$tu;rUri=$ru;callId=$ci]\n");

And I could able to see all the incoming response for INVITE message in onreply_route. (100,180,200OK)
But am not seeing response logged in for 200 OK for Re-INVITE and for response for BYE.
I hope all responses will hit "onreply_route" routine even after call is established.
How can I log those information? I have enabled record_route (), so till BYE for all request and responses opensips sits in between end points.
Please let me know if am missing something.


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