[OpenSIPS-Users] change_reply_status if failure route

Alain Bieuzent alain.bieuzent at free.fr
Fri Jul 1 09:03:55 CEST 2016

Hi, something like that ?


if ( t_check_status("487") ) {

                      send_reply("404","Not Found");




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hello everyone! 

Can someone explain me, could i use change_reply_status() if failure route or it hardcoded to use only in reply route or maybe help me with my problem: 



uac (1) <--> opensips (2) <--> uas (3)


step 1. 2 sends INVITE to 3

step 2. 3 sends 407 to 2

processing: Now 2 trying to assign avp's to use uac_auth() function, but in some case cant do it and 407's handling interrupts in main route by exit;

step 3. 2 sends ACK to 3

step 4. 2 sends 407 to 1


Could i somehow catch that 407 after step 2 and transform to something like 404 to send it instead of 407 to 1? How to do it?


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