[OpenSIPS-Users] uac_replace_from multiple times?

Søren Andersen SOAN at stofa.dk
Wed Jan 13 14:49:52 CET 2016


Thanks for your mail. - Actually I need to send the call out to my client without the prefix, and if the client don't answer the phone the call gets sent to another phone number via my ISP.
Do you have a smart solution for this?

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No you can't.
Use a variable to store the from and replace it once, just before to send out the message.

Il 13/01/2016 14.32, Søren Andersen ha scritto:

I'm wondering if it's possible to use uac_replace_from multiple times? - fx. Inbound call gets changed by uac_replace_from and removed the +45 prefix. - But sometimes I need to forward the call back to my ISP, and they need to have +45 in the from header. But if I try to use the function two times the sip headers gets invalid  like the below header:

From: <sip:12345678 at XX.XX.XX.XXsip:+4512345678 at 1XX.2XX.2XX.3X;user=phone><mailto:sip:12345678 at XX.XX.XX.XXsip:+4512345678 at 1XX.2XX.2XX.3X;user=phone>;tag=c675aa4668ba7a0c3150f682eea7a54b-7701

Perhaps there are a better option to do this?



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