[OpenSIPS-Users] Sip trunk and mediaproxy

Saioa Perurena saioa.perurena at enigmedia.es
Wed Dec 28 06:37:08 EST 2016


We already have a communications infrastructure composed by 2 opensips
servers in different domain with 1 mediaproxy each and interconnected by
a TLS trunk. We managed to interconnect both SIP networks and it does
work. ICE is also working so when sip clients are in the same network
then the call goes point to point between caller and callee.

The problem is when we want to use mediaproxy to relay media, let's say
when sip clients are in different networks. Each opensips server passes
its mediaproxy candidate to their clients. So opensips-1 passes
mediaproxy-1 to client-1 and opensips-2 passes mediaproxy-2 to client-2.
Then when the call is done client-1 will use mediaproxy-1 and client-2
will use mediaproxy2 and therefore voice in going on diversion, each
takes its own way.

Question: how to deal with this?

Many thanks

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