[OpenSIPS-Users] Major performance issues question

Schneur Rosenberg rosenberg11219 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 11:17:57 EST 2016

Hi, I'm running a instance of OpenSIPS (just signalling no RTP on this
machine) on a DigitalOcean VM, it was running fine for a while and it does
not process lots of CPS (4-5 max) and today I was getting complaints of
dropped calls, I checked the logs and I saw lots of
 WARNING:core:utimer_ticker: utimer task <tm-utimer> already scheduled for
3956760 ms (now 3956860 ms), it may overlap
 WARNING:core:handle_timer_job: utimer job <tm-utimer> has a 30000 us delay
in execution

I had 4 children and I upped it to 15, I think it helped but not completely
solved the problem.

When running top I see all of the sudden a few opensips processes jumping
to 100% and the idle resources slowly going down sometimes even to 0% then
it recovers, I haven't changed anything in my cfg file lately and the
traffic has not increased etc.

Is there anyway to see in the logs whats taking so much resources? I'm also
wondering if its can be a DigitalOcean issue where other users on the same
Hyperviser are using very high resources and its stealing my resources.

thank you
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