[OpenSIPS-Users] rtpproxy compile

Răzvan Crainea razvan at opensips.org
Tue Dec 20 03:12:12 EST 2016

Hi, Denis!

Can you run 'ldconfig -p | grep sndfile'? Do you see the .so libraries 
in the output? If not, perhaps you should run 'ldconfig'. If this still 
does not work, you should manually add the library's directory in the 
library path[1].

If you do get sndfile in the output, but it still does not work, perhaps 
the first configure commmand did not get the proper library, so you 
should re-run './configure'.

PS: I also forwarded this question on the RTPProxy mailing list. If this 
does not work, perhaps somebody out there can help you out.


Best regards,

Răzvan Crainea
OpenSIPS Solutions

On 12/20/2016 08:46 AM, Denis wrote:
> Hello!
> I want to use extractaudio utility to extract audio and write it to 
> some .wav file.
> But, during compiling of this utility i get such error
> "
> extractaudio.c:325: undefined reference to `sf_open'
> extractaudio.c:389: undefined reference to `sf_write_short'
> extractaudio.c:400: undefined reference to `sf_close'
> extractaudio.c:389: undefined reference to `sf_write_short'
> collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
> Makefile:427: recipe for target 'extractaudio' failed
> make: *** [extractaudio] Error 1
> "
> libsndfile1 package (and dev) had been installed early.
> May be, somebody, has dealt with the problem?
> Thank you for any help.
> -- 
> С уважением, Денис.
> Best regards, Denis
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