Jeff Wilkie jwilkie at usipcom.com
Mon Aug 22 23:56:54 CEST 2016

New small issue with DIALPLAN in the CP.  Running OSIPS 1.10 with CP 5.0

It appears that when modifying the CP for Dialplan attributes as text, they
do not appear in the edit section once applied.  The attributes do show up
in the view list of dial plans but if you go back to edit the attrs again,
they are not there.  I dot not have the same problem when using attrs as
checkboxes.  Is there more code in the local files that require editing to
display these values?  Also, if an entry in the Dialplan was once a
checkbox value but I've not converted the mode to text, the value does not
show up in the text box to be edited.

# Attention : advanced options !!

 //database tables

 $config->table_dialplan = "dialplan";

 $config->results_per_page = 20;

 $config->results_page_range = 5;


                                        // name , description

                                        array("a","Descr a"),

                                        array("b","Descr b"),

                                        array("c","Descr c"),

                                        array("d","Descr d"),

                                        array("e","Descr e"),

                                        array("f","Descr f"),


 $config->cb_per_row = 3;

 $talk_to_this_assoc_id = 1 ;

// Dialplan - Add/Edit new Translation Rule - Attributes input type

// 0 - checkboxes

// 1 - text

$dialplan_attributes_mode = 1  ;


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