[OpenSIPS-Users] Topology Hiding module Call_ID encryption

Adrian Fretwell adrian.fretwell at topgreen.co.uk
Fri Aug 5 17:14:10 CEST 2016

Hello, may I ask for a little help?

Using Topology Hiding Module in Opensips 2.1.2. I'm finding that looking 
at a tcpdump the Call_ID looks like this:


But when I log $TH_callee_callid "xlog("L_INFO", "sequential: Callee 
side callid is $TH_callee_callid");" the Call_ID looks like this:


Notice the dashes are replaced with equals signs.

If I rewrite the Call-ID for NOTIFY messages with the value of 
$TH_callee_callid the tcpdump will show the Call-ID with the equals 
signs (==) not the dashes

         if (is_method("NOTIFY")) {
             if( !remove_hf("Call-ID")) {
                 sl_send_reply("503", "Service Unavailable");
                 xlog("L_INFO", "sequential: could not remove header");
             append_hf("Call-ID: $TH_callee_callid\r\n", "To");

Could this be a bug or am I doing something silly?

Kind regards,

Adrian Fretwell
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