[OpenSIPS-Users] Sip clients that supports PIDF-LO

Evandro Villaron Franceschinelli evillaron at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 13:47:12 CEST 2015

Hello Aldo,

We used the open source Sipp to simulate this Sip client.

In accordance with  i2 architecture- NENA, the SIP client must send the
location information using two ways:

-         Directly into your body using the PIDF-LO (RFC 4119) Location
Object (LO).

-         Or  by reference with Location Key (LK) through of new header in
SIP: Geolocation (RFC 5031), VPC uses this Key to obtain the location
information in consultation with the LIS (Location Information Server).

These informations should be got by User Agent caller running an LCP -
Location Convey Protocol. LCP can be implemented adapting the DHCP (RFC
4776 / RFC 6225) or via HELD protocol (RFC RFC 5985). The implementation
has to be done in UAC because of LIS with its LO information is located in
own ISP(Internet server provider) that the UA has access network, becoming
easier addressing this LIS.

In i2 specification the interface between call server (in case the
OpenSIPS) and LIS isn't expected, because of the difficulty of
implementing. The difficulty is in various factors such as privacy, device
identification and mainly because the call server (OpenSIPS) doesn't know
the address of appropriate LIS, It is required of a search algorithm of
this LIS in the source ISP (the RFC 5896/7216 describes this algorimos,
however this algorithm is not as trivial).

*In practice*, I can not provide any SIP client that has implemented the

For testing we used the Sipp to simulate this Sip client using these
mentioned RFCs, is attached the XML scenario file that we used in Sipp,
with the new Geolocation header and  with PIDF-LO in the body,  the
OpenSIPS needs only one to handle the emergency call.

best regards

Evandro Villaron
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