[OpenSIPS-Users] Questions about proto_tls in OpenSips 2.1

Carlos Oliva carlos.oliva at invoxcontact.com
Thu Oct 29 14:53:03 CET 2015

Hi list!

I have some begginer questions about proto_tls module in 2.1 branch:

* How I can select the number of active TLS children? I tried with general
children parameter but doing a opensipsctl fifo ps I don't see any changes
in the number of tcp listeners (always 8 childs and TCP Main)

* Is there any way of using async mode in TLS? I know in TCP I can use
tcp_async=1 but not sure in TLS

* Is there any way to forbid client TLS connections? I know in TCP I can
use tcp_no_new_conn_bflag. Any way to do this in TLS?

Thanks for your help,

Carlos Oliva
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