[OpenSIPS-Users] Query regarding dialplan module with mongodb .

Sasmita Panda spanda at 3clogic.com
Fri Oct 9 07:32:29 CEST 2015

Hi All ,

   I am trying to configure dialplan module to use for dynamic routing in
opensips-1.11 . I am using mongodb as my database module .

    Now when I am loading dialplan with mysql as data base module my
opensips is working fine .
    But when i am using mongodb for dialplan module , opensips is not
getting started . Its not even giving any error message in the log file .
Bellow is the log messages in debug level 6 .

 /root/opensips-1.11//sbin/opensips[27900]: DBG:core:db_bind_mod: using db
bind api for db_cachedb
DBG:db_cachedb:db_cachedb_bind_api: BINDING API for :
 /root/opensips-1.11//sbin/opensips[27900]: DBG:db_cachedb:db_cachedb_init:
Found matching URL : [mongodb:instance1://
opensips:opensipsmongo at]
 /root/opensips-1.11//sbin/opensips[27900]: DBG:core:cachedb_bind_mod:
Binded to mod mongodb
 /root/opensips-1.11//sbin/opensips[27900]: DBG:core:parse_cachedb_url:
parsing [mongodb:instance1://opensips:opensipsmongo@]
 /root/opensips-1.11//sbin/opensips[27900]: DBG:core:parse_cachedb_url: in
host - :
 /root/opensips-1.11//sbin/opensips[27900]: DBG:core:cachedb_do_init:
opening new connection
DBG:cachedb_mongodb:mongo_new_connection: Set timeout to 3000 millis
INFO:cachedb_mongodb:mongo_new_connection: Connected at server with version 3.0.6 , to db db.db
 /root/opensips-1.11//sbin/opensips[27900]: DBG:db_cachedb:db_cachedb_init:
Succesfully initiated connection to [mongodb:instance1]
DBG:cachedb_mongodb:mongo_db_query_trans: Running raw mongo query on table
 /root/opensips-1.11//sbin/opensips[27900]: DBG:core:db_new_result:
allocate 48 bytes for result set at 0x7fa921f511c8
DBG:cachedb_mongodb:mongo_db_query_trans: We have 1 rows
 /root/opensips-1.11//sbin/opensips[27900]: DBG:core:db_allocate_columns:
allocate 28 bytes for result columns at 0x7fa921f51210
 /root/opensips-1.11//sbin/opensips[27900]: DBG:core:db_allocate_rows:
allocate 48 bytes for result rows and values at 0x7fa921f51248
DBG:cachedb_mongodb:mongo_db_query_trans: Found int [table_version]=[6]
 opensips: DBG:core:wait_status_code: read code 0 ? rc = 0, errno=Success
 opensips: INFO:core:daemonize: pre-daemon process exiting with -1

   Its exiting with this kind of logs . There s no error message in the
entire log file .  Please let me know where is the fault .  See the bellow
attachment for entire log file .

*Thanks & Regards*
*Sasmita Panda*
*Network Testing and Software Engineer*
*3CLogic , ph:07827611765*
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