[OpenSIPS-Users] SBC approach for Media Relay transcoding

Roderick Hodgson roderick.hodgson at googlemail.com
Fri Jun 5 14:16:07 CEST 2015

Dear Group,

I have openSIPS installed on server A. I am currently using a set of rules
to route certain calls over to a SIP trunk (server B). I'm doing this by
using rewritehostport(server B) for the relevant invite requests.

The signalling now works fine, and the media streams from the endpoint
straight to server B.

Now I'd like the endpoints to transmit the media data to each other via
some sort of relay server instead (where I'll be transcoding from Opus to
G711 amongst other things). I was wondering if I could do so with OpenSIPS?
(the signalling, not the transcoding).

My guess would be that OpenSIPS would have to rewrite both SDPs in some
way? Would this be a valid approach? Is that something OpenSIPS can do?

Many thanks,

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