[OpenSIPS-Users] Using Jenkins to Build OpenSIPS

Victor Medina victor.medina at cibersys.com
Thu Jul 23 15:48:06 CEST 2015

Hi guys!

Up until now I been using menuconfig to build opensips. I would like to try
to use something different to build OpenSIPS.

Is there any way to build OpenSIPS in an automated fashion? Something like
severak automated tasks that downloads 2.1 tag, run a configure and a make,
make install?

I did a diff of a before and after menuconfig run on a vanilla 2.1
directory, hoping to find a single file with the changes, but found several
*.d files modified.

Is there any way to have a full blown menuconfig saved and restored? on a
new checked out directory to do a new build? I even change the default

Thanks in advanced.


Víctor E. Medina M.
Platform Architect / Chief Infrastructure
+58424 291 4561
BB #79A8AFA2
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