[OpenSIPS-Users] Problem: INVITE port mismatch

Albert Ofertas avallespi.ofertas at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 19:46:50 CEST 2015

Hi to all,

We have a new opensips r.2.1 in a production environment where it is configured between two different networks.
We are using always private networks, therefore there is not any NAT or similar.

- Network1 is using UDP, and opensips listens at port UDP:eth1_IP:5060
- Network2 is using TCP, and opensips listens at port TCP:eth2_IP:5060

We have observed that when we forward an INVITE from Network1 to Network2 sometimes there is a port mismatch in the outgoing INVITE.

This INVITE should go from opensipts TCP:eth2_IP:6xxxx (for example 63445) to the remote peer that uses TCP:REMOTE_IP:5060.
What we have observed is that this INVITE many times and without a logical explanation mixes the ports.
I mean, the r-uri is correct (example:  XXXXXX at REMOTE_IP:5060;transport=tcp;user=phone), but the message is sent via TCP with the ports crossed.
The wrong INVITE is going from  TCP:eth2_IP:5060 to TCP:REMOTE_IP:6xxxx.

We have observed that this incorrect behaviour in opensips is happening when we are using the parameter "user=phone" in the request uri.

We have tested some minutes without the "user=phone" and we have not observed the port mismatch then.

We must use the parameter "user=phone". This is a mandatory parameter in our case because we are sending always this INVITE to a MediaGateway that requires it to translate the uri and send the call to the telephony network.

¿Could you please help us to solve this issue?

Best regards

Albert Vallespí

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