[OpenSIPS-Users] Issues with internal timer ticks

Vitalii Hurin vitalii.hurin at masterofcode.com
Mon Jul 6 14:35:26 CEST 2015


I'm looking for someone who can help with understanding the possible
reasons of issue with internal timer ticks in OpenSIPS 1.11.3 . So here is
the problem: we are developing custom call center and once I've noticed all
time-based values that are influenced by internal timer (as it turned out,
by function get_ticks() from timer.c) were constantly getting behind actual
system time. For example, when I call such command sequence "opensipsctl
fifo uptime; opensipsctl fifo get_statistics timestamp", I get this kind of

Now:: Wed Jul  1 13:01:52 2015
Up since:: Tue Jun 30 15:54:50 2015
Up time:: 76020 [sec]
core:timestamp:: 75098

As you can see, for nearly one day we have 922 second and I've got even
about 3 hour difference for a couple of days! I can't find certain rule of
difference increase but it's happening smoothly every time. After checking
out some production servers with an old version of our call center based on
OpenSIPS 1.8, I've found no similar issues there and core:timestamp value
is always equal to up time despite server setups are almost identical. So
please help me with searching the reason in our system. Or can it be a bug
or something related to timer counting in OpenSIPS 1.11 core? Can't find
anything about similar issues on Google...

Thanks in advance!

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