[OpenSIPS-Users] Planning OpenSIPS 2.1 release - heads up

shahzad at voip-demos.com shahzad at voip-demos.com
Thu Feb 26 17:29:30 CET 2015

Great. Seems pretty neat stuff.

I will fire up some tests on v2.1 on my development servers and get 
back to you if i experience any issues.

Keep up the good work guys!

Thank you.

On 2015-02-24 15:22, Bogdan-Andrei Iancu wrote:
> Hello all,
> Everybody is looking forward for the next OpenSIPS release, the major
> 2.1, which is planned for end of February - at least this was the 
> plan
> so far.
> I our desire to make of 2.1 a radical improvement, we committed to
> several major changes/redesigns and new valuable functionalities. And
> they do burn time to get them done, especially as we want them : in
> the best possible way.
> In oder to finish all we committed for, the release date is now
> estimated for first half of March - some important parts of code 
> still
> need to be settled down and we do not want to make any kind of
> compromise in quality.
> Just to give you a heads up on what OpenSIPS 2.1 will bring:
>     - internal re-design around async reactors for load-balancing
> tasks inside OpenSIPS
>     - async I/O support in scripts for db queries, exec, rest client
>     - refactoring of the networking and protocol related code (protos
> are now modules)
>     - webSockets support
>     - Quality Based Routing new module
>     - Compression new module
>     - Fraud Detection new module
>     - Emergency Call handling new module
>     - rtpengine support
>     - partitioning support in Dynamic Routing, Diaplan and Dispatcher
> and many other - when the coding taks is done, we will proceed withe
> "bothersome" task of updating docs, new and migration.
> Whoever gives a try to 2.1 version, please report any problems or
> crashes asap to us ! better have them done now rather than later :P
> Best regards,

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