[OpenSIPS-Users] Binary replication

Schneur Rosenberg rosenberg11219 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 11:19:48 CET 2015

I have a question regarding binary replication, I was using OpenSIPS 1.7
until now, my backup was passive, because when they were all up at the same
time, the usrloc timer from the backup kept on removing users from the
database, even though I'm using mode 2, I still rely on the DB for some
actions, I recently watched Vlad Paiu video presentation on Binary
Interface replication and he says that he advises to leave the backup open
too, so I built 2 test servers with OpenSIPS 1.11 and I have a few

1) will this solve the issue of the usrloc timer deleting records?
2) will it also update the backups database if I use mode 2? this way I
dont need to replicate the db's, i will have 2 separate db's and have each
server update its own db, if it does this will also solve problem 1.
3) I tested the bin replication, when doing a ngrep I see the packet coming
in on the backup when a new user registers, but when doing a "opensipsctl
ul show"  it only shows the contact line and nothing else and it disappears
completely  after a few moments and it does not update the db.
4) Does it have a built in security mechanism besides manually doing it
with iptables?
5) It seems like this is mainly used with a floating ip, I have servers on
the same network using floating ip, I also have servers on different
networks using failover dns, how will it affect my redundancy, I assume the
backup server wont be able to reach the client before the client does a new
DNS lookup and re registers, because the clients NAT wont allow it through,
is that correct? and is there a solution for that?

thanks in advance
S. Rosenberg
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