[OpenSIPS-Users] Last Modified AOR for User

Vlad Paiu vladpaiu at opensips.org
Tue Feb 10 10:54:10 CET 2015


Indeed, date fields where not properly supported in the cachedb_mongodb 
I've just committed a fix for this - so please update your GIT sources 
to the latest ones.

I've just tested this with a small script like :

                 if (!save("location"))


                 cache_raw_query("mongodb:instance1","{ \"op\" : 
\"find\", \"ns\" : \"location.location\", \"query\": {\"username\" : 
\"vlad\"} }","$avp(mongo_result)");
                 $json(json_res) := $avp(mongo_result);
                 $avp(expiration) = $json(json_res/expires)-$Ts;
                 $avp(last_edited) = $Ts-$json(json_res/last_modified);
                 xlog("Username vlad will expired in $avp(expiration) 
seconds and was edited $avp(last_edited) seconds ago \n");

Best Regards,

Vlad Paiu
OpenSIPS Developer

On 10.02.2015 04:26, sevpal wrote:
> The data in the DB are stored correctly, there aren't any problems 
> there, I can view all the fields properly set with 
> "db.location.find()" . On a raw Query though, all the other fields 
> return with Json data except the date/time fields. It seems mongo 
> needs a different kind of directive than what is currently in the 
> module to retrieve the data.
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> Hi Jalung,
> If you list the records in mongoDB collection, do you see the 
> "last_modified" field properly set ? (I'm trying to understand if you 
> have a problem with the data in DB or with the query itself)
> Regards,
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> On 07.02.2015 01:47, sevpal wrote:
>> If I'm storing the location table in a mongodb collection, how to 
>> query the most current AOR for a user? I can query all the fields 
>> except the date/time fields eg; "last_modified", they return empty. 
>> I'm doing this using the mongo raw  query in Opensips.
>> Jalung
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