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No. As I wrote we have customers in countries where the internet is bad. We
have a direct path there and the quality is good.




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The purpose is to create a privileged network path beetween your server and
the local clients.
Is it?

Il 04/02/2015 20.58, Dovid Bender ha scritto:



We have a cluster in the US running custom software. We have clients in
countries where their ISP's traffic out of the country is not the best. We
were thinking of getting a local server and then simply having all the
traffic go through an OpenSipS box. We would like for two things to happen.

1)      Any request that comes to the OpenSipS server simply gets passed to
our OpenSipS servers in the US.

2)      That the server proxy all RTP media.


Is there any "simple" configuration out there for such a set up?


Thanks in advance.





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