[OpenSIPS-Users] How to use newest OpenSIPS, but with database schema not so new? I need back compatibility. Is it possible?

Rodrigo Pimenta Carvalho pimenta at inatel.br
Thu Dec 3 13:41:04 CET 2015


Today I got the newest OpenSIPs from the HEAD.

I saw that the database schema was modified, if compared to what I had before.

This causes back compatibilities issues in my project that depends on the old database schema.

So, how to use the newest OpenSIPs, but still using the previous database schema? It is possible to configure the OpenSIPS to it installs the previous database schema and use it?

Any hint will be very helpful!!

Best regards.

Inatel Competence Center
Ph: +55 35 3471 9200 RAMAL 979
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