[OpenSIPS-Users] Tight matching of dialog failed

John Nash john.nash778 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 10:08:00 CET 2015

I get following warning in log
Dec  1 08:40:14 [14516] WARNING:dialog:dlg_onroute: tight matching failed
for BYE with callid='[%!<

to}'/36, ftag='9r60aB1Q77tUj'/13, ttag='PROXY1448958761787to'/20 and
Dec  1 08:40:14 [14516] WARNING:dialog:dlg_onroute: dialog identification
elements are
tag='9r60aB1Q77tUj'/13, callee tag='PROXY1448958761787to'/20

Strange thing is that when i see the dump in wireshark, I can see call-id
is correct it is not what is printed in above message.

My scenario is One opensips sending call to second opensips (both using
topology hiding). I pasted log from second opensips.
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