[OpenSIPS-Users] BIN Interface updates

Ionel Cerghit ionel.cerghit at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 16:10:21 CEST 2015


The BIN interface is designed for high-traffic data exchange between
multiple OpenSIPS interfaces. This requires a fast, reliable and lossless
transport for the BIN interface. Unfortunately, the existing UDP transport
for BIN showed significant package loss under high traffic even in a
private network.

OpenSIPS 2.2 (devel version) has just switched to TCP transport for BIN
interface. This resolves all the reliability and loss problems. Even more,
the TCP transport in BIN engine takes advantage of the Asynchronous
Reactor, avoiding any potential blocking on reading/writing to the BIN

The old UDP transport support was dropped, while the TCP transport is now
provided in a modular way via the “proto_bin” transport module.

For detecting incompatibilities at BIN level,  a version field was added to
the header of the protocol to stop errors from occurring when two OpenSIPS
instances with different version of the protocol exchange BIN messages. So
please note that BIN in 2.2 is not backward compatible !

Thank you,

Ionel Cerghit

OpenSIPS junior developer
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