[OpenSIPS-Users] Dispatcher Order SQL DB - version 1.11.5

Federico Edorna fedorna at anura.com.ar
Fri Aug 14 19:49:03 CEST 2015

Hello Guys,
I'm using dispatcher module with postgres database. The ds_select_dst
function in the script file is used like this:


that is, using "8" algorithm (first entry in set is chosen) because I need
to use always the same destination in the set while it is up. If not, then
the backup destination (next in the set) is used.

The problem I've found is that when the sets are read from database
(opensips restart or fifo ds_reload), the select hasn't a "order" directive
 in the sql statement, so the order is defined depending of the last tuple
update. The postgres log shows this when doing a fifo ds_reload:

2015-08-14 11:36:53 ART [23684]: [1-1] LOG:  duration: 0.582 ms  statement:
select setid,destination,socket,state,weight,attrs from sbc.dispatcher

And the syslog & debug=6 shows:

DBG:db_postgres:db_postgres_submit_query: 0x7f4344987010 PQsendQuery(select
setid,destination,socket,state,weight,attrs from sbc.dispatcher )

So, any sql update in any column will change the order in the set because
we don't have the "order by priority" for example.

Is there any way to use the weight, priority or the id to have a fixed
order in the set(s) destination?

Many Thanks!
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