[OpenSIPS-Users] What rtpproxy version should i be using

Trevor Steyn trevor at webon.co.za
Fri Aug 14 14:53:56 CEST 2015

Hi Opensips Users,

I am running opensips 2.1 and am having some issues with rtpproxy I have
tried both 1.2.1 and 2.0.0 with different results.

Keep in mind i am using rtpproxy in bridge mode and using the
re-packetization feauture also both IP's in the bridge are on the same
physical interface just on differant vlans.

My OS is Cenots 6


Works great the only issue i see is 100% CPU usage i have not had any
bad quality with this version its just very worrying seeing 100% CPU
usage all the time.


The CPU issue is resolved almost no CPU usage with a bunch of calls but
when i turn on re-packetization the quality of the audio stream is terrible.

I would like to choose a version and work on the issues alternativly if
there is another version recommended for opensips i would like to go
that route, I see there is a version on opensips.org


But this version seems very old and Readme states its for Opnesips 1.6.4.

Any guidance on my issues would be very much appreciated.

Trevor Steyn

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