[OpenSIPS-Users] OpenSIPS Control Panel 6.1

Bill Shirley bill at philly.polymerindustries.biz
Mon Aug 10 03:46:58 CEST 2015

Is anyone running the 6.1 CP?  It's full of bugs and security holes.  Whoever thought it wise to code:
Also, the input stored in the database is not sanitized plus a whole lot more errors.

We had a 'professional' company write a web portal for us that didn't sanitize their input.  I actually
did do a "'; DROP TABLE `customer`;" on the database.  I even emailed them before hand pointing out
the problem.

I don't want to sound harsh or ungrateful.  I run a lot of free software that enables me to earn a living.
I'm thankful for all the people that labored to produce the software.

I'm also guessing that CP 6.1 not meant to be run with the Fedora 22 version of OpenSIPS:
[0:root at jabba lib]$ rpm -q php httpd opensips

I'm trying to set up a SIP proxy to route calls from my network to Cisco CUCM on another network.
Any pointers are appreciated.


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